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Megain Widjaja

President Director of Indonesia Clearing House

2021 - Present

About Megain Widjaja

Megain Widjaja is the President Director of Indonesia Clearing House (ICH). He is responsible for implementing the organization’s mission of adopting an international standard to assess transactions efficiently. Megain received his bachelor's degree with honor from Seattle University in Business Administration, majored in Finance and Accounting, in 2005. While on fellowship, Widjaja examined how U.S. financial regulators work together and deepened his knowledge of digital media and startup development. In addition, he explored the balance between conservation and land use in the national parks system. Megain had begun his career as an Investment Officer at R.A Bench Wealth Management, where he managed both retail and corporate financial instruments, including hedge funds and commodity funds. Previously, Megain has led ICDX to grow remarkably through the development of commodity and financial-based futures contracts. Some of ICDX’s notable achievements include being appointed by the Indonesia Ministry of Trade to run Indonesia Tin Exchange in 2013. By 2018, Indonesia has succeeded to increase the number of tin export destinations from 14 to 28 countries. He has built an integrated and modernized commodity trading ecosystem and pioneered multilateral-based commodity futures trading in Indonesia.

Let us give you the best clearing service through Indonesia Clearing House.
- Megain Widjaja -


To Become International Grade Settlement and Clearing Service


Making the Community Trade in confidence by uniting financial security based on the principles of IOSCO / IOCV for Financial Market Infrastructure. This requires ICH to be able to provide operational security and efficiency, prudent risk management, have adequate financial, human and system resources, and do not conflict with the public interest

Corporate Value


By upholding the value of integrity, we make the clearing process based on the best actual data and service level agreements throughout Indonesia


Providing solutions with extraordinary thinking, quality and able to compete internationally. The out-of-the-box method of involving clients is our culture.


Innovation is the key to always developing to face global challenges. We have a special team to plan the flexibility of solutions that are high scalability


Milestone ICH


PT. Indonesia Clearing House was previously named PT Identrust Security International. Based on the Deed of Establishment No. 02 dated 4 April 2007, PT ISI is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.


On July 3, 2009, ICH obtained Decree Number 30 / BAPPEBTI / KP / 7/2009 from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI). ICH has a function as a guarantee and transaction settlement as well as a risk management center.


PT Identrust Security International changed its name to PT Indonesia Clearing House based on the Decree of the Head of BAPPEBTI Number 16 / BAPPEBTI / SP-PN / 04/2015