Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) define as system that functioning as directives and control of the corporation in order to achieve organization objectives. Good Corporate Governance aims as human resources management that effective, efficient, economically and productive as well. By this means to support the GCG objective within the company, ICH has a robust commitment towards the GCG Implementation that based on Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, In dependency and Fairness. ICH perceives that by implementing those principles will manage the organization more benefited for the stakeholders in the future

Implementation Objectives

1. To build GCG principles culture towards business activities of corporation

2. Functioning corporation bodies i.e Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and other supporting parties

3. To achieve high integrity of human resources that fully responsible to the company

4. Organizations can formulate and carry out the company's vision and mission reliably

5. To ensure stable of growth of the corporation

In order to establish Good Corporate Governance implementation, some Code of Conduct Reference that comprises basic principles need to be elaborated into Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents. Those documents can be downloaded using links below,



Link Download


Board of Commissioner Manual


Board of Directors Manual


Corporate Secretary Manual


Corporate Code of Ethics